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There are so many ways to support the Frontline Faith Project. We want your ideas and your stories, and hope you will help us connect with others.

Make a Donation

One of the most tangible ways to support the Frontline Faith Project is by making a donation. As little as $24 can put “spiritual strength and support” in the hands of a man or woman in our U.S. Armed Forces. Please donate today.

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Share the Frontline Faith Project With Your Church Community

We have developed letters of introduction and a template for presenting the Frontline Faith Project to your parish or faith community. We can also send a representative to your church to make a presentation. For more information, contact us!

Tell Us Your Story

You may have a wonderful story you want to share with others either on the website or possibly in a future edition of the Frontline Faith newsletter. Please contact us for a possible interview on Skype.

Tell a Friend

Spread the word about The Frontline Faith Project to your friends and family members. Please use your email, Facebook, Twitter, and other connections to share the information. Please be sure to include the link to our website (