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Drowning in Lemonade and On the Home Front

Drowning in Lemonade—Reflections of an Army Wife by Lynda MacFarland


2013 Readers' Choice Finalist for Best Catholic Book





Named one of the top five
Best Catholic Books of 2012 by Reader’s Choice Awards!

LYNDA MACFARLAND is an Army wife of 28 years and counting. Her faith plays a crucial role in meeting the challenges of Army life.

“My daughter once asked me if I really believe God has a plan for each of us…”

In poignant reflections—set during the time her soldier and his brigade were engaged in combat operations in Iraq—Lynda shares her experiences of raising her family and loving her husband. Through the gift of her storytelling, she reminds us that God is with us, even in our darkest moments, and we will be ministered to if only we seek Him.

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“GROWING UP, I learned a healthy respect for the United States Military because of my dad and my brother. My dad had been drafted during the Korean conflict, though he never deployed. I remember my mom using his old “o.d. green” Army laundry bag for our laundry when I was very young. He used to love old war movies, and my brother and I would watch them with him….My brother and I played “Army” all the time as kids. He always outranked me. We were always in World War II. We were always the Americans: saving ourselves, our platoon, our battalion, our country. We spent many hours in make-believe battles, and we always won ’cause we were the good guys!…”

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What others are saying about DROWNING IN LEMONADE

“Lynda MacFarland’s book captures the dynamics of faith, hope, and love in the midst of uncertainty as one military community coped with the challenges of deployment during a time of war. Lynda and her family love God, they love their Church, and they love their Country; they are committed to serving our Nation when she needs us the most.” ~ Most Reverend Neal James Buckon, Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

“Being an Army spouse is an incredibly demanding vocation. Ms. Lynda shares real and encouraging words to light the path for all of us as we continue this journey supporting our soldiers. Her book inspires us to be the best we can be, no matter if we are a new Army bride or a ‘seasoned’ one.” ~ Kimberly McHugh, Army Wife of 23 years

“Lynda MacFarland is a great mentor and Military spouse. I’ve watched her unwavering faith and kindness bring comfort and joy to so many. Her book captures her genuineness, her caring, and her compassion, which guide her through the storms and sunshine of Military life.” ~ Amy Thompson, Army Spouse



On the Home Front Two-CD Set

WE ARE BLESSED TO PROVIDE THIS TWO-CD SET to you, the families and loved ones of our Armed Forces. Your love, your commitment, your willingness to endure the hardships of separation and sacrifice—to secure the home front—give strength and purpose to your Service Member. You ensure that our nation remains the land of the free and the home of the brave. For that, we thank you. We know you are heroes to your Service Member. You are our heroes, too.

“We know you are heroes to your service member. You are our heroes, too.”

On The Home Front is for spouses, children, parents, and siblings of our Armed Forces…for the people who pray daily for their loved ones who serve our country, protect our freedoms, and provide safety and security to families all over the world.

On The Home Front is a companion to the Catholic and Protestant MP3 players. The two-CD set features moving stories of hope and resilience by spouses and children of our Service Men and Women and includes inspiring music by talented performers Corinne Chapman, Jim Goodin, Matthew Mayer, KCentric Kawaski J. Nelson, Mani Sierra, and Curt Siffert.

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